Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Summary of medals - Teams & individual

Just a summary and pointers to the various medals

Team work :

  • 2018: preparing Julia White's keynote : Igor, Artem, Sacha, and many others
  • #1 in IoT Central worldwide : multi-country selection by MS Corp : Rahul Garg @rahulmsft  
    • https://twitter.com/rahulmsft/status/962888077583695872
    • https://twitter.com/LeontievIhor/status/971145730206269440
    • https://twitter.com/vThavo/status/969738401573416960

Team & Personal :

  • #1 in AI in France 2018 : I had 3 actions contributed at personal level in writing white papers both for MS Corp and MS France on AI. Gathered the various AI success of the VISEO Group, and finally defended VISEO to Microsoft, to get this award, given in Las-Vegas !

Individual personal hardwork :

  • 2018 : Demo during Julia White's keynote, retwitted by PM Eng Team MS Corp
    • https://twitter.com/RangaVadlamudi/status/1091863912851562496
    • front 1rst page of a 15000 attendee event https://experiences18.microsoft.fr/attendee/005b55c0-b5cc-e811-af11-000d3a221f88

  • Awarded in Orlando : Top 5 best p-Seller / vTSP in Microsoft Azure technology in France. Master all the various financial & workflow of the Microsoft rules & regulations. And traveled all across France to fulfill my pre-sales technical duties. Winning many cases.