Friday, October 26, 2018

On the Home page & Keynote of the largest Microsoft event in Europe

I got selected to talk during a Keynote of the largest Microsoft event in Europe. I’ll be presenting Azure IoT Edge, AI (Azure Custom Vision with Object Detection, and also Custom AI based on OpenCV/TensorFlow) deployed on Drones for ALTAMETRIS, to inspect the SNCF infrastructure.

Microsoft Experiences : it’s 15000 people, 300000 users connected on Live-Streaming

On the home page: 




In 3 days, I got over 2000 views and kind feedback



Sunday, June 10, 2018

GDPR is everywhere !! Microsoft is asking for Data Protection Requirement Attestation

You want to work with Microsoft ? Ensure you know well your GDPR and are Legally organized with it.*


Saturday, February 24, 2018

Microsoft Corp has selected France to launch the First “IoT in a Day” event with SaaS Microsoft IoT Central


This is only the beginning of the History for “IoT in a Day”, a worldwide event where Microsoft Corp presents Azure IoT, including Microsoft IoT Central, the SaaS IoT product that eases greatly IoT, so much that even someone who doesn’t know coding can setup IoT project.


The specificity of “IoT in a Day” is that within 1 day, one could see an end-to-end IoT scenario : a bit of theories, a deep dive testimonial of customers, a manipulation of true devices with firmware upgrade and Wifi configuration, then Azure connection, with telemetry display ! Key success factors for IoT (based on worldwide feedback, official Eclipse IoT fundation framework and 40 IoT projects, and customers’ feedback)

Microsoft Corp has selected Igor Leontiev and I to organize this event, respectively Azure MVP and Microsoft Regional Director, after having passed a worldwide selection, backed up with 40 IoT projects and customer’s testimonials.


(see here for details of the day in French:

  • Welcome & Networking
  • Keynote by the customer LPG Systems
  • General presentation IoT
  • IoT Lab – Part 1 (IoT with simulator)
  • Free lunch + networking with Microsoft Corp and France, LPG and VISEO
  • IoT Lab – Part 2 (IoT with True ‘device’)
  • Return on experience from LPG about Azure IoT
  • IoT Lab – Part 3



Attendees provided really enthusiastic feedback of this format ; this is the very first of a series that is going to be deployed worldwide for the next following months. Next will be in Chicago, then many others in France on Key cities. Stay tuned for the other locations. Follow my Twitter.

Here is a summary of the event : 

  ©2018 photo credit : Marc Obregon


Some souvenirs from Microsoft France head-quarter:


A pause in the training with Rahul, from MS Corp, detailing their strategy


Celebrating the success in Lovely Paris !



Thursday, February 15, 2018

Global Azure Bootcamp 2018 ! Call 4 Speaker and program

5th time it is organized in Lyon, along the hundreds other Cities worldwide

  1. To select the talks you are interested in the most, please complete the Survey :
  2. To have the official worldwide info :
  3. To register :
  4. You are a Speaker ? Here is the Call for Speaker (same as the survey, just fill in the last question) :

Here is the program :.



Thursday, February 1, 2018

How to have an easy report on your Azure consumption ? with an Azure EA

Many times I got asked to tell where to get the API Key to perform your self cost reporting, using Cloudyn, or PowerBI, or your own Code using Web API.

Very easy !

(this post is a update simplified from this one :


1. go to

2. Move from “Manage” to “Report”


3. Choose “Download Usage” > “API Access Key”



The API Key should look something like :



Go to PowerBI :


image image

Fill in the questions and the API Key, then it works straight after


Monday, January 22, 2018

Classical Publish Settings in the new Azure Portal

You try to find the very very old, yet useful “Classical Publish Settings”, in the new Azure Portal ??

Don’t look further, just so that I can remember, here is the direct URL to get

Then it still works !

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Experience Business Center (EBC) Innovation Center SAP in Levallois-Perret (Paris)

With the recent announcement of an even closer partnership between SAP and Microsoft, I got the fantastic opportunity the visit SAP EBC with my VISEO Top Management and Key Account Managers.
Indeed, as Microsoft Regional Director in charge of the Azure strategy for the group WW, the SAP management welcomed us and congratulated us on the job done in 2017, and challenges us to become again one of the TOP 5 best partner.
Despite I am into innovation and very high tech, I must admit that I was REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY impressed by the Innovation center (an entire massive floor dedicated to innovation). Here is one of the room where we have a concentrated amount of digital innovation.


And, despite many people will like the Retail showroom, I really much prefer durt and robots, which are my favorite topic : real-time Machine Learning embedded in devices off-line and Instrstrial IoT with OPC UA standards.
image image image image 
We also had a presentation of a very robust, yet Lean, Innovation SAP process !
These sessions was a great source of inspiration and I already for few ideas that made come true !

The entire VISEO board was present along with their Key Accounts Managers… and it’s Microsoft Regional Director Winking smile