Thursday, July 12, 2012

Send email for free with Windows Azure

From this documentation, here is a way to send emails for free provided it is less than 25,000 emails.
After some verifications from SendGrid that you are not a spammer, you will have access to the SaaS portal:
Configure your account in few steps, then everything is OK to send emails.

From your portal, you have access to the statistics

Emails that are Bounced, Blocked, Invalid, … are presented here:
As a .Net developer, simply add a Nuget into Visual Studio:
SendGrid NuGet package
Within your .Net code, simply use the information you filled in:
And here you go:
// Create network credentials to access your SendGrid account.
var username = "your_sendgrid_username";
var pswd = "your_sendgrid_password";

var credentials = new NetworkCredential(username, pswd);
For more info:
By the way, their Technical support is really quick to reply (less than an hour), based on the SaaS CRM: