Monday, July 25, 2011

Timeline of Scrum in 1 slide !

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July 2011 : The creators of Scrum released a new version this month.
Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland published “The Scrum Guide” in many languages (
To celebrate that, I wanted to summarize Scrum and fit most of it into 1 slide !
Since it is not quite easy, here is my first iteration on that :

  • To keep it as simple as possible, I skipped on purpose some concepts.
  • However, alsthough it is not part of Scrum as such, I have added in bracket “Continuous Build and Deploy”, as I find that a keystone to Agility,
  • The “Definition of DONE” is applicable at many level and could also be representing “Behavior”, if you do “Behavior Development Driven” (BDD).x²
Feel free to use it / modify it, and if possible send me your feedbacks so I can make it evolve too.
I think this timeline is a complement to the well known graphic of Scrum :
© Mike Cohn, Mountain Goat

Well, obviously, Scrum is much more than that, and answers many other questions such as :
  • how to decompose the Product Backlog into a Spring Backlog into User stories, tasks, with repectively Story points, …
  • how to determine the amount of Story points, …
However, this would be out of scope of this post.I would however higly recommand you this great book :

- Agile Estimating and Planning (Mike Cohn)
as well as some of his other books "Succeeding with Agile: Software Development Using Scrum".