Tuesday, January 24, 2017

IoT Talk : Mac Cloud Garage in Reading / London

During a Microsoft EMEA Global Black Belt meetup event, Ari, Thibault and I got the chance to present to Lillie Harris (Director Cloud/Data/IoT GBB EMEA) and her team a presentation on Azure IoT.

Vincent Thavonekham Ari Kouts Thibault Celier


With a real time demo using the Scottish Duncan Mac Cloud Garage example.



then we got the opportunity to hang out evening time with the GBB Microsoft team, during an evening bowling session.

We haven’t got the chance to ask the consent of every one in the video to share it publicly. Here is just the subtitles :

L Harris : « Oh, OK, I like it. All right, I’m gonna take some photos too »

“I like it now, with two characters”

Ari : “We talk to their customer to see exactly what they really need”

X ? “Can we tweet this ??”

Y ? “Are you working for Contoso ?”

Vince : “We made that only for you today. Now you can Tweet. Before, it was secret. Even Eric wasn’t aware. It’s a surprise for Eric ”

Ari : So, in a far far away land of Edinburgh in Scotland, two brothers created a great great garage, called the Mac Cloud Garage (Mac Cloud).
In this garage, it’s starting to take a lot and lot of time, there is a lot and lot of demand of a spare part. And it’s really started to be really really complicated

Vince : Under the car, banging on the engine with a metallic tool.

“I've been a wild rover for many's the year ” (source: http://www.celtic-lyrics.com/lyrics/126.html )

“Oh shit, I need some parts again! I have to fix the car for tomorrow noon, I have to phone 20 different suppliers; Otherwise I get fired. So let’s start by Alice, and then Morton,

Where’s the phone ? Oh, the phone. Thanks very much. So Alice ??

Thib [1min 38 sec] : No No No No, don’t do that anymore, stop it.

Because, there is another way to… Because now we have repair car service, it’s a new way to get this kind of thing. You just have to talk to the device.

Vince : “what do you mean” ?

Ari [1min55] : So what is happening… is that they have a new application here, but they don’t have to see it. In this application, they have all the cars they currently working on, and in the past.

And now what they can do , is say the name of the car.

Thib: “just say the name of the car ‘BMW3’” Beeping !

Vince : “what’s that ?? it’s a joke ?”

Ari [2min29sec] : BMW3 being added, and so now what is happening is that, for this car, they need some spare parts.

So, what they are doing today, … currently it’s the real world (we went to see the customers),

They call the wholesalers, ‘and Ok, I need this part, and then I need this part’, the wholesalers says ‘OK I’ll check with my eur.. suppliers eurr…, and then I’ll call you back in 2 hours’. It’s really complicated. And they lose a lot of time.

And so, what they will be able to do here, just say some of the spare parts that they need, and it will be added to the cart.

Thib : “Just like that : Old Filter.”

Crowd : Yay !! Ha ha ha !! Applause