Friday, February 27, 2015

More Azure in the TFS vNext (2015) and no more WF in Builds Alleluia !


Remember my good old posts back in 2010, claiming that Batch scripts offers a great ROI :

Now, in 2015, guess what ?? Yes, Scripts are back !!
I was so pleased when installing TFS 2015 (CTP) where Builds were identified as legacy!! and yet also anxious, since it means throwing away a large amount of previous knowledge !



  • Assign multiple testers
  • Team Build preview
  • Service hooks
  • Sprint backlog and task board updates
  • Text filtering on backlogs & queries
  • Re-ordering in a filtered backlog
  • Edit on the Kanban board
  • Identity control and avatars
  • History control
  • View history on a folder
  • Improved merge performance
  • Query progressive disclosure


Here is the TFS 2015 CTP install process:


Once installed the documentation clearly scores out the “BUILD” tab and highlights the BUILD.VNEXT one:



Now the (new vNext) build are configured via the Web portal


and for those like me how hated to install previous version of VS with add-on “just” to Clone a build definition, here is the new ‘magic’ button :


Now that TFS is installed (and you could still install and configure the legacy Build at the same time), let the fun starts :

  1. Choose the create a new build definition, and you’ll be presented the choice of building a VS or a Xcode
  2. Let us consider a VS build, and you’ll have by default two Build steps: VS (building *.sln) and a VS Test (building test*.dll)
  3. Now you could add a large amount of Build Steps, particularly spacial ones for Microsoft Azure
    (and I expect some much more in an Open Source manner)image
  4. Now re-order the Steps as you wish. No more complex parallel crazy workflows that spans across multiple pages that crashed my Visual Studio, yet having a powerful configuration. 


  5. No more multiple pop-ups (like the old ones). Everything is accessible rapidly.
  6. To configure the Agent with infinite extensible capabilities !
  7. Even more extensibility with the new Service Hooks, that interract with Azure Service Bus, Azure Storage, … and JENKINS, Trello, etc…
  8. Here is a Zoom on the two Azure Hook capabilities



  1. For instance, when a TFS event raises (exhaustively : Build Completed, Code pushed, Pull request created, Pull request updated, Team room message posted, Work item commented on, Work item created, Work item updated).
  2. Say, choose “Build Completed”. Now, whenever a build is completed, the action below will be triggered :



Other support for Microsoft Azure:

Ability to add a deployment environment.

Here is the exhaustive list of what’s new in TFS 2015 :

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Interviewed by a journalist : How and why Microsoft Azure spreads in our company ?


“ Thanks to the Microsoft cloud platform Azure, VISEO has the network & compute power, as well as the storage capacity necessary for running rapidly it’s customer’s applications.

Due to difficulties to dimension the servers to meet the customer’s needs and to develop new projects, VISEO decides at the end of 2013 to migrate to the Microsoft Azure. A “per-usage-billing”, the platform offers by default a broad variety of servicesand allows the usage of many programming languages or can host 1/3 parties applications. In one year, VISEO tipped 30% of its servers on Azure. At the end of year 2015, 70% of the resources will be on Azure.



Tuesday, February 10, 2015

TechDays: Showcasing the first SaaS application in France to be certified true Azure Active Directory compatible


Colibri, an SaaS application 100% running on Azure PaaS have been certified complyant to the Azure Active Directory standards. Hence, after few weeks of evaluation and tests by Microsoft Corp teams, the team is pleased to annonce that Colibri is THE FIRST application in France (and top 50 worldwide) that integrates Azure Active Directory SSO principles (i.e. not the password-only safe).

During the TechDays 2015, Paris (18 000 visitors), Microsoft France chose to present it during a return an experience session. The Product Manager and I were present to answer any questions.

What is Colibri ?

It is a collaborative tool that revolutionize sales forcasting. It fills the gap between expensive SAP or Microsoft Dynamics solutions and an Excel file !

It is entirely designed for Microsoft Azure fron the ground up, offers a full reversibility to allow an install on-premise.




Presentation during the TechDays 2015, in Paris.

image image



Sunday, February 8, 2015

Global Azure Bootcamp 2015 - Lyon

I'm glad to be part of one of the largest global event with about 10 000 attendees worldwide and over 120 cities hosting this FREE event.

I’m in charge again in 2015 of organizing this in Lyon, on Saturday, April 25, 2015, thanks to my company VISEO and my association Microsoft User Group and with the help of Microsoft France.

 VISEO Group

 VISEO Group